I was vegan for 42 hours…

Hey yall,

As some of you may or may not know Netflix has a new documentary named “What The Health?”

This documentary basically outlines:

-how health organizations have been lying about what is actually healthy and conducive for our health.

-how companies who butcher and sell poultry actually treat the environment and animals.

-how to be vegan/plant based  and why it is so much better for you… not for me though. 🗣They had me messed up. 

So after watching the documentary I naturally didn’t want any more meat or animal products (milk , cheese, eggs, ice cream, allat).

I had my parents watching the documentary also so we all decided we were going to switch to a Plant Based Diet.

So here’s how I was a vegan for 2 and a half days: 

Saturday dinner: I had eaten heavy earlier that day so I didn’t need to eat again after watching the movie.

Sunday breakfast: I had two mixed berry protein granola bars. I was in church feeling empowered until Sister Clark announced the “Praise in the Park” event and listed the meats the deacons would be grilling. 

Lunch : me and my family driving around the Dallas Metroplex trying to find a place to eat that was vegan… I ended up eating air, water  another granola bar. I was sitting in the backseat asking the Lord to fill my stomach with the spirit. 

Dinner: black bean tacos (flour tortillas, black beans, salsa, corn and onions) If I rate the dinner on a scale of 1/10 I’d give this meal a 6. 

Monday breakfast: a granola bar and an apple (my typical breakfast is non meat anyway)

lunch: pineapples, crackers and an apple

Dinner: I made black bean burgers (black beans, various seasons, bell peppers, onion, garlic etc.) I give this meal a 5/10 the texture and after taste was very disrespectful. Also, my mom tried it and immediately grabbed a frozen pizza out the oven. Here’s a video of my trying the burger. ​

​About two hours after dinner:

-I had blue bell and it was great! Until my stomach started bubbling. I didn’t care though because it was tasty. 

The next day I went to work and let my coworkers know I wasn’t doing the plant-based diet anymore and they welcomed me back into meat by buying me a HUGE hot dog for lunch.

Reasons I am back to my omnivorous ways.

  1. I missed the taste, texture and smell of meat. Yes after 42 hours I had already missed meat!
  2. I was having to snack constantly because it takes a lot to become full off of plant based items.
  3. Preparing meals that are plant based require some pricey and tedious grocery shopping.

Things I gained:

  1. If you do have health problems and complications a plant-based diet is fasho something that will help alleviate or even take away those factors.
  2. I exercise, eat plenty vegetables and drink water. So in my eyes cutting out meat for the rest of my life is not something I will be doing. I just cant deprive myself that way.

 Imma close this out with this lil quote. 


Leave me some comments telling me your favorite meal that contains meat. 

LaShuna’s Favorite: Turkey Burger 🍔 

#vegan #ominvore #itsanoformedog #BeHumbleBlog


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