Stop Saying YES to the SH*T that you HATE!

Stop saying YES to the S***t that you HATE

Saw this on a shirt and it stuck with me … I mean it stuck to me like beans and cornbread. Meatloaf and cabbage … it stuck to my bones, as well as my mind.

*Stop saying yes to the Shit that you hate*
A lot of times, we find ourselves approving and saying yes to things that we hate with a passion .
We continue to say yes to toxic men and women out of comfort. We continue to pay for things we can’t afford . We continue to say yes to situations that don’t benefit us.
*STOP saying YES to the shit that you HATE.

1.) Toxic Men /Women
STOP. When you continue to say yes to them, or do for them you make them thieves .. they steal your joy , your stability, your time and most of all YOUR PROGRESSION. Stop allowing these people to rob you because you’ve grown too comfortable to say no . Usually when we give these pieces of ourselves, we do it out of our love for potential . Stop saying yes to potential and stand up for the FACTS. We cover ourselves in their potential and then we find ourselves with the short end of the stick or no stick at all . We say yes to potential, and not actuality … We owe ourselves better. Start saying yes to your happiness .

*STOP saying YES to the shit that you HATE*

2.) Things we can’t afford .
If you hate being broke, you hate living from paycheck to paycheck … Stop saying yes to spending . We have to end the cycle of debt and it starts by saying NO . Stop going on vacation without money , stop spending money on food , stop buying things you can’t afford . We all have goals and it’s time we invest in them . If that means budgeting … Go for it . Don’t stay stagnant financially because of a lack of discipline . Start saying yes to your financial stability.

*STOP saying YES to the shit you HATE.

3.) Situations that don’t benefit us .
If it’s not going to affect you in 5 years , don’t let it affect you in 5 minutes. We spend so much time on things that don’t matter, as well as not spending enough time on the things that do . We’re upset for days on end, due to the actions or words of others because we get caught in the hype. We stay mad…but LISTEN it don’t matter if your big mad or little mad you’re only allowed 5 minutes of anger until it becomes a problem .
-Stop saying yes to others people problems . AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I promise you once you make a problem yours… it takes over everything.
-Stop saying yes to procrastination. YO you got goals stop putting them in on the back burner because of some bs ! Grind and go get it !

In all, it’s time to give these situations the boot . It’s time to condition your mind for better and never forget. Stop saying YES to the Shit that you hate and start saying YES to progression .
Remember …EDGES & FACTS , taught you that !

xoxo Ang


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