So, it’s summer and of course we wanna be “summertime fine” for the szn. Curls poppin’ (or bundles for my weaved-up sistahs), melanin skin glowin’, highlight on the cheeks and don’t forget the lipgloss hunty. *ques Lil Mama’s “Lipgloss” in the background* But maybe you’re not sure where to start or even how to start. Don’t sweat it (in the worrying aspect of course), Meag got a few tips for you!


*disclaimer: all of my black sistahs are beautiful not matter what shape or size you are. From the skinny mini’s to my P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot And Thick) girlz, you slay no matter what!*

*disclaimer 2: I know I mentioned the ladies in this post but fellas, feel free to take from this post also!*


Tip #1:

We hear all the time that the first thing to realize when on a healthier journey is that “it starts in the kitchen”. Absolutely. Believe it or not, you can not eat trash every day and then try to work it off and then expect to see results. Honestly, you’ve probably eaten more calories than you burned so then it will be twice as hard to knock them off. Now I’m not saying watch labels on everything you eat or don’t eat a good hamburger every once in a while because then, I’d be a hypocrite. What I’m saying is, you can eat those things but in MODERATION. Treat yourself! Hell, I do. I still eat Cane’s just about every week lol. But a great regimen that I love is *drumroll*….. MEAL PREPPING!…. and here’s why. Meal prepping helps in a few ways actually. Not only does it help you health wise but saves you some $$$ too. Think of it this way, you have made a healthy meal that you can look forward to for the week and not you don’t have to purchase a meal every day! Killin’ two birds with one stone. I recommend Pinterest for the best meal prep ideas!IMG_4000


Tip #2:

Next thing to realize is coming up with a good workout regimen. I do know that some people would prefer to hire a personal trainer or have a workout partner for whatever reason but even so, a regimen is still in order. However, if you’d prefer to workout on your own, its best to make up your routine and try to stick with it. You can switch it out whenever you like. How I came up with my regimen was through research and trying new things in the gym or even looking at other people in the gym. Literally, I may see someone on a machine doing something that I feel may help enhance my workout and say “bet” *added*. Me personally, with the exception that this past semester has kicked my ass, I usually work 3x a week. I have a leg day, arm day and ab day full of cardio and weight lifting and I end my workouts with 500 abs. Before and after I make sure to stretch, VERY IMPORTANT because you don’t want to pull anything. You’ll already be sore from the workout. As the saying goes, “no pain no gain”. So if you don’t feel sore after a workout, it means you didn’t work hard enough. If you don’t have access to a gym, there are PLENTY of apps where you can get many workouts from but my favorite is the Nike app.




Tip #3:

The last and most important tip, have CONFIDENCE, be PATIENT, and DON’T COMPARE YOUR JOURNEY TO ANYONE ELSES! I know that may have been 3 tips in one, but ya’ll get my point. You must remember that our bodies are forever evolving and that everyone’s journey is different. So just because your changes aren’t showing as fast as someone else’s don’t get discouraged. You’re on your way! You must be confident throughout your journey from beginning to forever. Start off with the mindset that no matter how you feel about your body, that you’re fine as wine boo! No matter what your aim is whether it’s weight loss, toning up, etc etc. Don’t get down and don’t allow anyone to get you down! My old high school track coach used to tell us “don’t stop until you can’t go anymore”. Think of it that way. Stay on that journey until you can’t anymore.



Hope this helps! For any questions or tips, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to help!


-Meagan G.



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